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Version: 2.7

Integrate external authorization providers

You can integrate an external authorization service provider of your organization with Portworx Backup, federate the users, groups, and roles to provide role-based access control (RBAC) to the intended audience.

Integrating an external authorization provider with Portworx Backup offers flexibility and enhances security in managing access to backup resources. This approach allows you to leverage advanced authentication mechanisms and streamline user access controls, ensuring that only authorized users can perform backup and restore operations.

You can integrate the following external authorization providers with Portworx Backup:

  • Auth0
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Keycloak (external)
  • Windows Active Directory
  • OpenID Connect
  • OpenLDAP
  • OpenShiftv4
  • SAML

You can integrate Auth0 by Okta along with Portworx Backup installation and rest of the authorization providers can be integrated after installation.

For more information on integrating SAML, OpenID Connect, OpenShiftv4 and other Social Identity providers, refer to Integrating identity providers.

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