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Version: 24.07.01

Portworx Data Services Documentation

The Portworx Data Services (PDS) platform is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the deployment, management, and scaling of stateful applications in Kubernetes environments. By integrating seamlessly with the Portworx platform, PDS extends the powerful capabilities of Portworx to offer a robust, cloud-native data services solution.

PDS leverages Portworx's advanced data management features, including high availability, disaster recovery, backup, and security, to provide an optimized environment for running data services such as databases, message queues, and big data analytics frameworks. This integration ensures that data services are not only easy to deploy and manage but also benefit from the reliability and performance enhancements of the underlying Portworx infrastructure.


An overview of PDS and its purpose, key features, architecture, and robust security measures.


Covers fundamental concepts for cluster management, data service deployment, backup procedures, cloud credentials, project organization, and user access control.

PDS platform

Getting started

Documentation for accessing the PDS platform, installing PDS, and navigating PDS dashboards to get started efficiently.

How to guides

The how-to guides cover managing clusters, deploying databases, user and project management, setting backup policies, configuring cloud credentials and data services templates, and implementing advanced security features.

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