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Version: 2.7

Backup with large number of resources

Portworx Backup now enables you to protect complex applications that consist of large number of Kubernetes resources. You can simply append large number of resources or resource sets to your namespace(s) and swiftly perform backup and restore operations without any interruption.

Below topics guide you with instructions on how to create backups and restores of namespaces that involve large number of resources or resource sets.

Backup namespaces with large number of resources

To create a backup of namespaces mapped with large number of resources, perform the following steps:

  1. In the home page, click on the cluster that holds the required namespace.

  2. From the cluster page, select the required namespace(s) with large number of resources.

  3. In All Resources drop-down list under RESOURCE BACKUP SPECIFICATION, custom select the required resource(s).

  4. Click Backup.

    Create Backup window does not display the resources included for the backup as the resource count is too large to display.

    Portworx Backup does not allow custom selection of resources if you want to include them for the backup from the vertical ellipsis and when the resource count exceeds 1000. By default, all the resources in namespaces are selected for the backup. In such a scenario, the web console displays a notification message.

    Following this notification message, Portworx Backup successfully creates a backup of namespace(s) with large number of resources. Considering the sheer number of resources tagged to a namespace, the web console does not display the resource detail in the Backup Details window after creation of backup.

For uninterrupted backups of namespaces that contain large number of resources, you can add few parameters to ConfigMap in the kube-system namespace and customize to suit your environment. For more information on advanced settings related to such operations, refer Large resource ConfigMap parameters.

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