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Version: 2.7

Delete stranded backup resources

Portworx Backup default admin users now have the privilege to view the backup resources such as clusters, backups, restores and backup schedules created by non-admin users.

If you are a default admin user, in addition to viewing the backup resources of non-admin users, you can also search and filter them with the username. You can delete the resources created by these users if they are no longer needed.

For example, consider a scenario where a user leaves an organization without deleting the backup data from the Portworx Backup account; those backups and related data reside in the system forever consuming the storage resources. As a remedy, Portworx Backup now lets an admin user filter and delete such stranded resources.

All Backups page provides an owner-based filter to search and list the backups belonging to a user. Search results can fetch up to 1000 users in the dropdown list. When you search for the user, the search option lists out and displays all the backups associated with that particular user. You can either delete all of the backups belonging to the user at once or selectively delete a few backups. You can select either a single user or multiple users and list all the backups that belong to them.


Consider a scenario where the user is deleted from Keycloak and default admin users access Portworx Backup only through API. Here admin users can filter stranded backups by including the user ID in the GET request. Also, the admin user should make a note of the User ID manually before deleting it from Keycloak to access the backups later with the user ID.

Following table lists out the delete operations a Portworx Backup admin user can perform pertaining to stranded resources:

Backup schedulesYesYes----

For clusters, the default admin user can update cloud accounts for cloud-based clusters and the Kubeconfig details (for both cloud-based and on-prem clusters). For backups, admin users can update labels for all types of backups, and he can update cloud accounts only for CSI native backups.

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