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Version: 2.6

Create schedule policies

  1. From the home page, select Settings, Schedule Policies:

    Go to schedule page

  2. Select Add new:

    Add new schedule policy

  3. From the Add Policy dialogue box, name your policy and select a type:

    • Periodic: A periodic policy runs at fixed intervals defined in minutes and hours.
    • Daily: Runs every day at a specified time. Provide the hours and minutes from midnight to define the time.
    • Weekly: Runs once a week on the specified day and time.
    • Monthly: Runs on a specified day of the month. If the day given is longer than the current month, it will roll over to the next month.
    • Retain: Select the number of backups to retain concurrently
    • Incremental count: Specify the number of incremental backups between two full backups. This applies only to Portworx volumes.

    Add schedule policy dialogue


    All schedule policies are executed on the connected application cluster's local time zone.

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