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Version: 2.6

Add OCP clusters


Add OCP cluster to Portworx Backup

  1. From the home page, select Add Cluster:

    Add cluster

  2. In the Add Cluster page, under Select Kubernetes Platform, select Others and then enter the cluster details:

    • The name of the cluster
    • Retrieve the Kubeconfig from your cluster and paste it in the Kubeconfig text frame or click Browse to upload it from a file.
    • Select the Others option from the Kubernetes Service radio group.

    Enter the cluster details

  3. Click Add Cluster.


    Update Stork deployment spec with add hostNetwork: true and wait for the Stork pods to restart before you take a backup (on S3 object store-based backup location and not for NFS backup locations) in OpenShift Cluster Platform (OCP) on cloud like ARO, ROSA, and ROKS on AWS/S3 compatible object store environments. :::

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