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Version: 2.7

Install prerequisites


The minimum supported size for the Portworx Backup cluster is three worker nodes. Each node must meet the following hardware, software, and network requirements:

Hardware Requirements
For 2,000 backups
CPU 4 CPU cores minimum (8 recommended)
RAM4 GB (8 GB recommended)
Backend drive321 GB (In Total)
For 10,000 to 15,000 backups
CPU 8 CPU cores
Backend drive321 GB (In Total)
Upto 75,000 backups
CPU 32 CPU cores per node
Backend drive331 GB (In Total)

You can change the Prometheus PVC size from 5 GB (default size) to 10 GB or more based on your needs.

Software Requirements
Operating System
  • x86-64 based Linux distros supported by your storage provider
  • On-premises Kubernetes
  • Vanilla: 1.29.x, 1.28.x, 1.27.x, 1.26.x, 1.25.x, 1.24.x, 1.23.x

  • Red Hat OpenShift: 4.15.x, 4.14.x, 4.13.x, 4.12.x

  • RKE2 with Rancher: 1.28.x, 1.27.x, 1.26.x, 1.25.x

  • TKGi: 1.27.5

  • TKGs: 1.24.x

  • Charmed Kubernetes: 1.28.x, 1.27.x, 1.26.x
  • Managed Kubernetes
  • AKS: 1.29.x, 1.28.x

  • EKS: 1.29.x, 1.28.x

  • IKS: 1.29.x, 1.28.8, 1.27.x

  • GKE: 1.29.x, 1.28.x

  • ROKS: 4.15.x, 4.14.x, 4.13.x, 4.12.x

  • Anthos: 1.28.x, 1.27.x
  • Prometheus
  • 2.48.0, 2.45.0, 2.37.0
  • Prometheus Operator
  • 0.70.0
  • AlertManager
  • 0.26.0, 0.25.0, 0.24.0
  • Kubevirt
  • 1.0.0
  • Stork
  • 24.2.1 and above
  • Portworx
  • 3.1.1, 3.1.0, 3.0.5, 2.13.12

  • At least 50 GB of free space on the /root file system nodes where Portworx is going to be installed
  • A block-based provisioner
  • At least 307 GB of free space to host the PVCs deployed by databases used by Portworx Backup
  • External Auth Providers
  • External OIDC and LDAP based Auth providers
  • FlashArray
  • 6.4.18
  • 6.1.4
  • FlashBlade
  • 3.3.1
    • If you are using an external authorization provider, you must use certificates signed by a trusted certificate authority.

    • Make sure helm is installed on the client machine: Helm


    Portworx Backup 2.3.0 and above use MongoDB 5.x versions internally, which require Intel/AMD Chipsets that support Advance Vector Extensions (AVX). If you are deploying Portworx Backup 2.3.0 and above, please ensure that your Intel/AMD Chipset versions support AVX.

    Prometheus Prerequisites

    If you have your own Prometheus installed cluster-wide, ensure that it does not reconcile with the Portworx Backup Prometheus in px-backup namespace.

    When Prometheus and Alertmanager are in CrashLoopBackOff state, ensure the that the global or cluster wide Prometheus Operator does not interfere with the Prometheus and Alertmanager instances in px-backup namespace. If so, modify the cluster-wide Prometheus operator to exclude the namespace where the Portworx Backup Prometheus stack is installed.

    Add the following entry under spec.template.spec.containers[0].args in the cluster-wide Prometheus Operator spec to resolve conflicts if any:


    Alternatively, you can also set the scope of the cluster-wide Prometheus to defined namespace using the below parameter:

    -- namespaces = <namespace where cluster-wide prometheus is installed>

    Feature support matrix

    FeaturePortworx Backup ReleaseRecommended Kubernetes versionMinimum Recommended version of Stork Minimum Recommended version of Portworx Enterprise
    Azure China backup location2.7.1-24.2.1-
    Kubevirt2. and above24.
    Refined KDMP backups-24.1.0-
    NFS backup location2.5.01.26.x for both on-premises and other cloud providers23.
    Rancher2. and above23.2.02.12.x
    Namespace labels
    Object lock2.2.01.22.x and above2.10.x2.9.1.4

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