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Version: 2.6

Create a Backup

After creating any backup rules and schedule policies you want, you can use them to create a manual backups or scheduled backups with any object store or NFS share backup target.


Portworx Essentials license limitations apply to Portworx Backup. Therefore, if your cluster is running on Portworx Essentials, you can back up a maximum of one cloud snapshot per day, per volume to cloud storage. Refer to the Portworx Essentials page for more information about the supported features and limitations.


NFS-based backup location supports generic, manual, and scheduled backups.


Starting from Portworx Backup version 2.6.0, users cannot take a backup of kube-system, kube-node-lease, kube-public namespace and the namespace where Portworx is installed for any of the cluster environments that Portworx Backup currently supports.

Following topics take you through the steps for creating manual and scheduled backups:

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