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Version: 3.1

Volume access using pxctl


This document outlines how to manage your volume access rules. Portworx allows you to change access permissions per volume. There are two ways to provide access, one is by adding a group and the other is by adding a specific user as a collaborator. When adding a collaborator, you must use the unique id of the user. Please consult with your admin on how to obtain the unique id of the user.

Access types

When adding a group or collaborator, an access type must also be given, which can be either Read, Write, or Admin:

  • Read access type allows access to the volume without modifying it. With a Read access type, one can clone or inspect the volume.
  • Write access type allows modification of the volume and its metadata. For example, the user can mount, unmount, and restore the volume from a snapshot in addition to all Read access.
  • Admin access type allows full access to the volume, like deleting the volume in addition to all Write access.

Setting access types

To set access types, add one of the following suffixes to the group or collaborator separated by a colon ':'

  • r - For Read access type
  • w - For Write access type
  • a - For Admin access type

Volume access commands

The pxctl command-line utility supports the following commands for updating volume access permissions.

Add volume access for a single group or collaborator

pxctl volume access add <volume> --collaborator user1:a

Remove volume access from a group or collaborator

pxctl volume access remove <volume> --collaborator user1

Mark a volume as public

pxctl volume access add <volume> --public r

Show volume access

pxctl volume access show <volume>

Update full volume access spec

pxctl volume access update <volume> --groups group1:r,group2:w --collaborators user1:a

Updating volume ownership

pxctl volume access update <volume> --owner <username>

The volume owner can only be a single username. In addition, volume ownership updates can only be performed by administrators.

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