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Version: 3.1

Autopilot config parameters

The table below provides a list of the config parameters available for customizing your Autopilot installation. It includes their default values and descriptions of their uses. You can add these parameters to the Autopilot section of your Portworx StorageCluster manifest:

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
stc.spec.Autopilot.args.log-levelinfoDetermines the level of logs to be printed in Autopilot pod log. Can be set to trace or debug for troubleshooting.
stc.spec.Autopilot.args.min_poll_interval5 (sec)Frequency at which Autopilot checks conditions for all rules and proceeds with state changes.
stc.spec.Autopilot.providers.namedefaultName of the metrics provider.
stc.spec.Autopilot.providers.typeprometheusType of the metrics provider, currently only prometheus is supported.
stc.spec.Autopilot.providers.params.urlhttp://px-prometheus:9090URL for the metrics provider where Autopilot scrapes volume/pool metrics. Default is the URL for Prometheus shipped with Portworx enterprise.
stc.spec.Autopilot.providers.params.ignore_unhealthy_targetstrueDetermines whether to ignore unhealthy scraping targets and proceed with Autopilot actions. If set to false, Autopilot won't proceed if there are unhealthy targets.
stc.spec.Autopilot.resources.limits.memoryMaximum memory size that can be claimed by Autopilot
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