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Version: 3.1

Generate tokens

With Portworx, you can use the pxctl command-line tool to generate a token. Run the pxctl auth token generate command with the --help flag to list the available subcommands and flags.

The pxctl command-line tool allows you to generate the tokens in the following ways:

  • RSA
  • shared secret

For example, to generate a token with a shared secret, specify these flags:

  • --auth-config with the path to the file providing account information
  • --shared-secret with a string representing your shared secret.
  • --issuer with the name of the issuer.
  • --output with the name of the file

As an example, the following example generates a token:

echo "name: Example User
roles: [\"system.user\"]
groups: [\"*\"]" > authconfig.yaml

pxctl auth token generate --auth-config=authconfig.yaml --issuer my_issuer \
--shared-secret my_shared_secret \
--output self-signed-token.txt
Token written to output file: self-signed-token.txt

Use the cat command to view the content of the self-signed-token.txt file:

cat self-signed-token.txt
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