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Version: 2.6

Add Rancher cloud account

You need to add a Rancher cloud account in Portworx Backup before adding a Rancher cluster if you need to map projects for Rancher clusters.

To add a Rancher cloud account:

  1. From the home page, navigate to Settings >> Cloud Settings and click Add.

  2. In the Add Cloud Account page, select Rancher from the Please choose a cloud provider drop-down.

  3. Provide a cloud account name of your choice.


    Note down the API endpoint in the below format to fetch the Endpoint details:

  4. Enter a valid API endpoint and secret key. Refer Create users and Create API keys for instructions to fetch endpoint and secret key.

  5. Click Add.

    Portworx Backup successfully adds a Rancher cloud account and displays it in the Cloud Accounts section of Cloud Settings page. You can also edit the Rancher cloud account to update the endpoint (when there is change in setup) and secret key (if the secret key expires) details when needed:

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