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Version: 2.6

Add NFS backup locations

Portworx Backup lets you add the following on premises or cloud-based NFS shares as backup locations:

  • On-premises NFS backup location
    • Generic on premises NFS share
    • FlashArray (FA)
    • FlashBlade (FB)
  • Cloud-based NFS backup location
    • EFS volumes
    • GCP NFS Filestore
    • Azure NFS file share


  • (Optional, applicable for Portworx Backup with Portworx Enterprise) Ensure that you are on Portworx 2.13.6 and above or 3.0.0 and above version.

  • Ensure that Stork version 23.6.0 and above is installed on all application clusters.

Follow these topics to learn more on configuring and adding these backup locations:

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