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Version: 2.7

Share backups with users and groups

Portworx Backup now enables you to share a single backup or all backups in a cluster with the users and user groups of an organization.

  • When you share a single backup, the user gains access only to a specific backup

  • When you share all backups in a cluster with a user, the user can access both the existing backups and the future backups of the cluster

Portworx Backup currently fetches the users and user groups information for backup share from Keycloak or an external OIDC. For more information on mapping AD group with Portworx Backup group, refer Map AD group with Portworx Backup group


  • To share backup(s) with the target audience, you must be the owner of the backup(s).

This simple and secure feature helps to restrict access to critical backups and grant necessary permissions to limited users wherever required. In addition, backup sharing saves significant effort, time, and storage space by preventing creation of multiple backups of identical resources by different users.

You can share your backups to the target audience with three different types of access.

Following topics guide you to grant different types of access, share the backups, and to modify the access types:

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