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Version: 2.7

Configure Portworx Backup's Prometheus

You can configure Portworx Backup's Prometheus and Alertmanager's default storage limit and the number of replicas either during fresh installation or upgrade. You can either use set command or update values.yaml to modify the default limits with the desired values that suits your cluster environment.

  • By default Portworx Backup Prometheus comes with 5 GB storage and you can modify this storage limit as shown in the below example based on the storage requirements of your environment.

    Here is an example to set Prometheus storage to 8 GB:, 
    persistentStorage.prometheus.retentionSize=<92% of in MB>7360MB
  • By default, Alertmanager comes with 2 GB storage, if you need to modify this limit, you can use the below example:

    Here is an example to set the storage of Prometheus to 1 GB:
  • By default, Prometheus and Alertmanager comes with 2 replicas, if you have to modify as per your requirement, use the below example to set Prometheus and Alertmanager to 3 replicas:

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