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Version: 2.7

Synced backups

Consider a sequence where you own a backup location, share it with other users, and those users create backups utilizing your shared backup location. Such backups created by another user on the shared backup location (owned by you) are called synced backups. Earlier, as a backup location owner you were able to view the backups that reside on your shared backup location.

From Portworx Backup 2.6.0, synced backups are no longer created or displayed in the All Backups page for the backup location owner. They are created only when the original backup is missing from the datastore but exists in the designated backup location ensuring that only valid backups are synchronized, reducing the risk of data inconsistencies. As a result, backups created on the shared backup location(s) are visible only to the backup owner and not to the owner of the shared backup location(s) though the backup location(s) are shared resources. This functionality enhances the integrity and reliability of the synced backups and completely eliminates cloudfile missing error (Error thrown by Portworx Backup web console or API when an S3 bucket linked with the backup location is deleted by an user) whenever the backup owner deletes the backup for a reason.


You cannot duplicate a synced backup.


All your previous synced backups that used to appear in the All Backups page will not be visible now. You can see a synced backup in this page only when the original backup goes missing from the datastore but resides on the destination cluster.

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