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Version: 3.1

Portworx CSI Driver

The Portworx CSI Driver has been verified on both Kubernetes and Nomad. The CSI Driver supports all existing Portworx features as well as most CSI features. See the table below for a detailed picture of what features we support for each scheduler.

For scheduler-specific information, refer to the following pages:

CSI-based Installation Options

Install WorkflowKubernetesNomad
Portworx Daemonset InstallerYesNo
Nomad JobNoYes

Core Features support

Volume LifecycleYesYes
Sharedv4 VolumesYesYes
Volume CloningYesYes
CSI SnapshottingYesYes
CSI Spec 1.6YesYes
PX Security - Volume LifecycleYesYes
PX Security - SnapshottingYesYes
PX TopologyYesNo
CSI Raw BlockYesNo
Volume ResizingYesNot supported by Nomad: see #10324
Encryption - VaultYesNot supported by Nomad: see #7978
CSI TopologyNo; Portworx topology is recommended insteadNo

Kubernetes specific features

Volume Placement StrategiesYes
Auth Token SecretsYes
Generic Ephemeral VolumesYes
Encryption with Kubernetes secretsYes
CSI Migration (Portworx in-tree -> CSI)In development

Nomad specific features

Pre-provisioned volume registrationYes

Portworx Backup & Stork

Portworx Backup supportYesNo
DR/Disaster RecoveryYesNo
Stork SnapshottingYesNo
Stork MigrationYesNo
Stork BackupYesNo
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