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Version: 3.1

Inline volumes with Docker


Portworx provides a feature that enables applications to have storage provisioned on demand, rather than requiring storage to be pre-provisioned. This was useful when Nomad did not support CSI (container storage interface) volumes. However, with the support of dynamic CSI volume creation in Nomad 1.1.0 and Portworx 2.8.0, this method has less robust support in the Nomad ecosystem.

Create inline volumes

The feature is also referred to as inline volume creation. For more information, refer to the Inline volume spec section of the documentation.

Using this feature can be seen in the above example in the volumes clause. Note that all relevant Portworx volume metadata can be specified through this mechanism.

Using inline volumes

You can access Portworx volumes through the Nomad docker driver by referencing the pxd volume driver:

task "mysql-server" {
driver = "docker"
config {
image = "mysql/mysql-server:8.0"
port_map {
db = 3306
volumes = [
volume_driver = "pxd"
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