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Version: 3.1

Portworx with CSI

CSI, or Container Storage Interface, is a model for integrating storage system service with Kubernetes and other orchestration systems. Kubernetes has supported CSI since 1.10 as beta.

With CSI, Kubernetes gives storage drivers the opportunity to release on their schedule. This allows storage vendors to upgrade, update, and enhance their drivers without the need to update Kubernetes, maintaining a consistent, dependable, orchestration system.

Using Portworx with CSI, you can perform the following operations:

  • Create and use CSI-enabled persistent volumes
  • Secure your CSI-enabled volumes with token authorization and encryption defined at the StorageClass or the PVC level
  • Take snapshots of CSI-enabled volumes
  • Create sharedv4 CSI-enabled volumes


Portworx by Pure Storage welcomes contributions to its CSI implementation, which is open-source with a repository located at OpenStorage. In addition, we also encourage contributions to the Kubernetes-CSI open source implementation.

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