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Version: 2.6

Upgrade Stork

Upgrade Stork

You can upgrade Stork with or without Portworx Enterprise using the following methods:

Upgrade Method with or without Portworx Enterprise

If you have to upgrade Stork 23.9.1 along with Portworx Enterprise, you can opt-in for Daemonset upgrade or Portworx Operator upgrade:

Portworx DaemonSet method

To upgrade Stork using Daemonset method:

  1. Edit the deploy (Kubernetes resource):
kubectl edit stork deploy -n <portworx-deployed-namespace>
  1. Change the Stork image and version details in Stork section:
image: openstorage/stork:23.9.1
  1. Save and exit.

Portworx Operator method

Perform the below steps for Stork upgrade using Portworx operator option:

  1. Edit the stc (Kubernetes resource):
kubectl edit stc <stc-name> -n <portworx-deployed-namespace>
  1. Change the Stork image and version details in Stork section:
    webhook-controller: "true"
    enabled: true
    image: openstorage/stork:23.9.1
  2. Save and exit.

Stork upgrade for air-gapped environments

If your application cluster is air-gapped, then you must pull the following openstorage images before upgrading Stork:

  • openstorage/cmdexecutor:23.9.1
  • openstorage/stork:23.9.1
  1. You must then push the above images to your internal registry server, accessible by the air-gapped nodes.

  2. After pushing the images, follow the instructions in Upgrade Stork section at the top of this page based on your deployment methods to upgrade your stork version.

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