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Version: 2.6

Plan for installation

Portworx Backup deployment as Helm

Helm package helps to define, install, and upgrade any Kubernetes application. Helm is a template engine that creates Kubernetes manifests. Helm can upgrade and scale applications well. Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes applications that includes template and lifecycle management functionality. It is essentially a package manager for Kubernetes manifests (such as Deployments, ConfigMaps, Services, and so on) that are grouped into charts.

Helm automates creation, packaging, configuration, and deployment of Portworx Backup by combining the configuration files into a single reusable package. Helm also helps to configure external authorization providers with customization parameters. In addition, with Helm user can also provide custom registry parameters. The parameters provided by the user are added to the Helm set command during Portworx Backup installation.

For more information, refer to the following sections:

Portworx Backup vs Portworx Central

Portworx Central provides a deployment environment to install Portworx Backup through Helm. Portworx Central acts as a hosting environment for the user to deploy Portworx Backup, Portworx Enterprise, enable License Server, and Metrics to monitor Portworx through Portworx Central user interface.

Prepare Portworx Backup cluster

  1. Install Portworx Backup with the Helm command

  2. (Optional) Configure external authorization provider if you want to integrate an external auth provider component.

    Portworx Backup enables you to install and integrate the following authorization providers either during or after installing Portworx Backup.

    • During installation:

      • Auth0
    • After installation:

      • Azure AD
      • Open LDAP
      • External Keycloak
      • Openshift v4
  3. Make sure helm is installed on the client machine: Helm

  4. Make sure that the following ports are open or enabled in Portworx Backup cluster:

    10001Portworx Backup
    10002Portworx Backup
    10005Portworx Central API Server
    10006Portworx Central API Server

Prepare application cluster


  1. With Portworx


    By default when you install Portworx, default version of Stork is installed, make sure that Stork is upgraded to the latest version compatible with Portworx Backup version. Refer to install prerequisite to figure out the compatible Stork version more information.

  2. Without Portworx

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