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Version: 2.6

Compatibility matrices

Portworx Backup deployment needs dependent internal and external components and requires minimum and maximum compatible versions of these components. Compatibility matrices listed below tabulates such compatible versions of the dependent components supported by Portworx Backup. Ensure that you adhere to these compatible version requirements.

Portworx BackupStorkPortworx EnterpriseKubernetes
v1.24.x to v1.27.x

Refer software requirements table in install prerequisites for more information on compatible versions for various cluster environments.

Portworx Enterprise configuration (Storage provisioner)

Configuration TypePortworx Enterprise PoolPortworx Backup version
AWSPX-Store v22.6.0
AzurePX-Store v22.6.0
FACDPX-Store v12.4.3, 2.6.0
PX-Store v22.6.0
OCPPX-Store v12.4.3, 2.5.1, 2.6.0
PX-Store v22.6.0
vSpherePX-Store v12.4.3, 2.5.1, 2.6.0
PX-Store v22.6.0

Storage provision type (Non-Portworx provisioner)

Storage provision typePortworx Backup version
AWS (EFS & EBS)2.1.0 and above
Azure (Block & File)2.1.0 and above
OCS (CephFS, RBD)2.1.0 and above
GKE (Block & File)2.1.0 and above
IBM VPC (Block)2.5.0 and above
vSphere2.4.3 and above

Backup location storage types (Secure/Unsecure)

Storage typesEncryption (over the wire)SSL EnabledNFS/S3Required Portworx Backup version
AWS S3YYS32.0.0 and above
FlashArray file storageY-NFS2.5.0 and above
FlashBlade NFSY-NFS2.5.0 and above
FlashBlade S3YYS32.5.0 and above
S3 compliant storage providersYYS32.0.0 and above
Generic NFS serverY-NFS2.5.0 and above
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