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Version: 2.6

Backup location support matrix

Portworx Backup supports all categories of S3 compliant object store based backup location. Following table summarizes few qualified object store based (S3 compliant and others) and NFS backup locations you can add from Portworx Backup web console.

Backup location typeData StoreBackup location
S3 object storeOn premisesDell Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)
FlashBlade (FB)
Cloud-basedAmazon Web Service (AWS) S3
Tencent Cloud Object Store (TCOS)
Other object storesCloud-basedAzure cloud account
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
NFS backup locationOn premisesFlashArray (FA)
Generic on premise NFS share
Cloud-basedAzure NFS file share
EFS volumes
GCP NFS Filestore
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