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Version: 3.1

Enable Pure1 integration for upgrades

This page covers enabling Pure1 integration for the following cases:

  • You had a running Portworx cluster prior to Portworx 2.8.0, and you are now upgrading to 2.12.0 or later
  • You installed Portworx 2.12.0, but did not enable Pure1 integration and want to do so now


  • Portworx Operator 1.10.0 or later
  • A cluster running Portworx 2.12.0 or later using an Operator-based installation
  • Outbound access to the internet to allow connection to Pure1

If you're using a daemonset-based Portworx installation, you must migrate to an Operator-based install, then:

  • If you did not previously enable telemetry for your daemonset-based installation, upgrade to version 2.12 before enabling Pure1 integration.
  • If you previously enabled telemetry for your daemonset-based installation, when you migrate that to an Operator-based installation, telemetry is still enabled.

Enable telemetry


Telemetry is not supported for air-gapped clusters or when using a custom proxy.

Portworx supports telemetry in the StorageCluster spec, but it's disabled by default. To enable the metrics collector and telemetry integration with Pure1, add the following section in your StorageCluster spec:

enabled: true

This adds telemetry components to Portworx and automatically creates the pure-telemetry-certs secret in the kube-system namespace. You can also enable telemetry from Portworx Central via Advanced Settings on the Customize page.

Pure1 Integration

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