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Version: 3.1

Switch your pay-as-you-go billing to an air-gapped cluster

When you convert a cluster with a pay-as-you-go billing model to an air-gapped cluster, you now have the option to transfer your Portworx license as well.

Follow the instructions on this page to transfer your pay-as-you-go Portworx license to your air-gapped cluster.


  • An air-gapped SaaS key for an air-gapped cluster, acquired by contacting the Pure Storage support team.

Move your license to an air-gapped cluster

  1. Delete the px-saas-key secret that was previously used to enable pay-as-you-go billing for your non-air-gapped environment.
  1. Edit your StorageCluster spec and remove the following env section for the SAAS_ACCOUNT_KEY_STRING environment variable:

    name: px-saas-key
    key: account-key

    Once it is removed, all Portworx pods will restart.

  2. Once Portworx is online, run the following command:

    pxctl license activate saas --key <pay-as-you-go-key>
  3. Verify that the license is activated:

    pxctl status
    Status: PX is operational
    Telemetry: Disabled or Unhealthy
    Metering: Healthy
    License: PX-Enterprise Usage-Based-Airgapped
    Node ID: 9e743afc-5178-4915-a926-0d74f9801263

    You can see that the license has been updated to PX-Enterprise Usage-Based-Airgapped.

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