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Version: 3.1

Upgrade Portworx using a Nomad job

Upgrade Portworx with Nomad by editing the portworx.nomad file you used for initial deployment and updating the container version.

Perform the following steps to update to the latest Portworx version:

  1. Modify the image key value in your portworx.nomad file, changing the version to the latest Portworx version, for example, 2.11.1:

    image = "portworx/oci-monitor:2.11.1"
  2. Rerun the portworx.nomad file:

    nomad run portworx.nomad

    Nomad will do a rolling upgrade, i.e., only one instance will be updated at a time, not causing an impact on any applications (assuming application are running with more than one volume replica).

    During the upgrade, you may see two versions of Portworx since we are doing a rolling upgrade:

    pxctl status
    Status: PX is operational
    License: Trial (expires in 31 days)
    Node ID: 6aab46fd-50dc-4df6-ab6e-e0aa8d74b458
    IP: X.X.X.0
    Local Storage Pool: 1 pool
    0 LOW raid0 50 GiB 4.3 GiB Online us-east-2b us-east-2
    Local Storage Devices: 1 device
    Device Path Media Type Size Last-Scan
    0:1 /dev/xvdd STORAGE_MEDIUM_SSD 50 GiB 08 May 19 01:05 UTC
    total - 50 GiB
    Cache Devices:
    No cache devices
    Cluster Summary
    Cluster ID: px-cluster-nomadv8
    Cluster UUID: daea8eb0-c136-4201-a46e-3daa87d1272a
    Scheduler: none
    Nodes: 3 node(s) with storage (3 online)
    IP ID SchedulerNodeName StorageNode Used Capacity Status StorageStatus Version Kernel OS 6aab46fd-50dc-4df6-ab6e-e0aa8d74b458 N/A Yes 4.3 GiB 50 GiB Online Up (This node) 4.4.0-1079-aws Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS 4c128653-0569-4696-afea-063ddc7ef522 N/A Yes 4.3 GiB 50 GiB Online Up 4.4.0-1079-aws Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS 27e3c1b5-48bc-41f4-981e-25fc5d0ee7f4 N/A Yes 4.3 GiB 50 GiB Online Up 4.4.0-1079-aws Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
    WARNING: Persistent journald logging is not enabled on this node.
    Global Storage Pool
    Total Used : 13 GiB
    Total Capacity : 150 Gi

    All instances should be healthy after the upgrade is complete:

    nomad status portworx
    ID            = portworx
    Name = portworx
    Submit Date = 2019-05-08T01:04:09Z
    Type = service
    Priority = 50
    Datacenters = dc1
    Status = running
    Periodic = false
    Parameterized = false

    Task Group Queued Starting Running Failed Complete Lost
    portworx 0 0 3 0 3 0

    Latest Deployment
    ID = abc02ac3
    Status = successful
    Description = Deployment completed successfully

    Task Group Auto Revert Desired Placed Healthy Unhealthy Progress Deadline
    portworx true 3 3 3 0 2019-05-08T01:18:53Z

    ID Node ID Task Group Version Desired Status Created Modified
    3a50ca69 e074a6b0 portworx 1 run running 1m35s ago 2s ago
    315b1c09 2299a3b6 portworx 1 run running 3m11s ago 1m37s ago
    97589e12 6138409d portworx 1 run running 4m46s ago 3m13s ago
    20a20fd0 e074a6b0 portworx 0 stop complete 20m15s ago 1m35s ago
    54f759fa 2299a3b6 portworx 0 stop complete 20m15s ago 3m11s ago
    c44ee856 6138409d portworx 0 stop complete 20m15s ago 4m46s ago
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