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Version: 3.1

Enable Portworx CSI using a Nomad job

Enable Portworx CSI with Nomad by editing the portworx.nomad file you used for initial deployment and make the following adjustments. After following these steps, your portworx.nomad file should look like the example in the nomad job installation guide.

  1. Add the csi_plugin stanza to Nomad job specification inside of the "portworx" group:

    csi_plugin {
    id = "portworx"
    type = "monolith"
    mount_dir = "/var/lib/csi"
    health_timeout = "30m" # Nomad 1.3.2 and later only
    stage_publish_base_dir = "/var/lib/portworx" # Nomad 1.3.4 and later only
  2. Add the following environment variable under the "env" stanza:

    CSI_ENDPOINT = "unix:///var/lib/csi/csi.sock"
  3. Rerun the portworx.nomad file:

    nomad run portworx.nomad

    Nomad will perform a rolling upgrade; only one instance will be updated at a time. This will not impact any applications, assuming they're running with more than one volume replica.

  4. Once the CSI plugin is finished starting up, it should show all nodes as healthy:

    $ nomad plugin status
    Container Storage Interface
    ID Provider Controllers Healthy/Expected Nodes Healthy/Expected
    portworx 4/4 4/4
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