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Version: 3.1

Create encrypted PVCs

Volume encryption

This guide will give you an overview of how to use the encryption feature for Portworx volumes. Under the hood, Portworx uses the libgcrypt library to interface with the dm-crypt module for creating, accessing and managing encrypted devices. Portworx uses the LUKS format of dm-crypt and AES-256 as the cipher with xts-plain64 as the cipher mode.

All encrypted volumes are protected by a passphrase. Portworx uses this passphrase to encrypt the volume data at rest as well as in transit. It is recommended to store these passphrases in a secure secret store.

There are two ways in which you can provide the passphrase to Portworx:

  1. Per volume secret: Use a unique secret for each encrypted volume

  2. Cluster-wide secret: Use a default common secret for all encrypted volumes

Use the following steps to get started with encrypted PVCs

Step 1: Select a secrets provider

Select one of the following secret providers to store your passphrases. This passphrase will then be used for encrypting the PVCs. If you have already setup a secrets provider, goto Step 2

Step 2: Select PVC encryption method

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