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Version: 3.1


  • Kubernetes Clusters: At least two Kubernetes clusters which are part of the same metropolitan area network with a maximum network latency of 10 ms between them.
  • For a new installation, meet the minimum prerequisites.
  • Network Connectivity:
    • Kubernetes: All worker nodes are able to reach Kubernetes API endpoints on both Kubernetes clusters, for example, port 6443, 443 and so on.

    • OpenShift4+: Open ports in the range of 17001-17020 must be accessible to reach Portworx API endpoints.

    • Portworx: Open port in the range of 9001-9020 for Portworx worker nodes to communicate with each other.

      To know more about the specific ports for your environment, see the Network table on the Prerequisites page.

  • External KVDB: An external KVDB etcd setup outside the clusters. To know how to setup an external etcd, see Install KVDB.
  • License: Portworx Enterprise DR license is available.
  • Cloud Environment:
  • Applications Registration: For certain Kubernetes applications, you should create an ApplicationRegistration CR first to facilitate the successful migration of them. Refer to the ApplicationRegistrations page for more information.
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