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Version: 3.1

Synchronous Disaster Recovery

To deploy Synchronous DR (also known as Metro DR) setup, you need to install a single stretched Portworx cluster across two clusters. A single Portworx clusters spans across an on-premise environment with a maximum latency of 10 ms.

The following diagram shows a synchronous DR setup involving two clusters in the same metropolitan area network:

Detailed Aynsc setup

This document explains how to install a stretched Portworx cluster and achieve synchronous DR. It will demonstrate how to failover and failback applications between two clusters.

  • Cluster-wide operators are not migrated as part of a DR migration if it is not installed in the same namespace as the applications you want to migrate (for example, in OpenShift, the operator installation defaults to the openshift-operators namespace). As a result, after migration, you will not be able to scale up or down your applications on the destination cluster using storkctl.
  • In a Synchronous DR setup,
    • The maximum supported replication factor is 2.
    • Cloud drives are only supported on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service (TKGS) clusters.
    • The sharedv4 service volumes are not supported in the Portworx cluster.

Perform the following steps to set up synchronous DR:

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