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Version: 3.1

Supported Kubernetes Resources

Asynchronous DR supports the following Kubernetes resources:

  • PersistentVolumeClaim
  • PersistentVolume
  • Deployment
  • DeploymentConfig
  • StatefulSet
  • ConfigMap
  • Service
  • Secret
  • DaemonSet
  • ServiceAccount
  • Role
  • RoleBinding
  • ClusterRole
  • ClusterRoleBinding
  • ImageStream
  • Ingress
  • Route
  • Template
  • CronJob
  • ResourceQuota
  • ReplicaSet
  • LimitRange
  • PodDisruptionBudget
  • NetworkPolicy

By default, Stork skips migrating NetworkPolicies which have CIDR set. To migrate NetworkPolicies which have CIDR set, use the skipNetworkPolicyCheck: true flag in the migration object.

Follow the Application Registration document to know the supported custom resource definitions (CRDs) for asynchronous DR. The document also provides steps for registering a new CRD if it is not already listed.

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