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Uninstall Portworx Operator using the OpenShift console

This topic provides a procedure to uninstall an existing Portworx Operator on your OpenShift cluster.


  • A successfully deployed Portworx Operator on OpenShift cluster.

Uninstall Portworx Operator

  1. Log in to the OpenShift console.

  2. Select the Operators dropdown -> Installed Operators.


    You can see all the installed Portworx Operator instances. If there are many Portworx Operator instances, you can use the Search box above to filter the required Portworx Operator instance.

  3. From the Project dropdown, select a namespace or project that is pointing to the namespace where the Portworx Operator is installed.

  4. In the Portworx Operator instance you want to unisntall, select the vertical ellipsis button. Then, from the options, select Uninstall Operator:

    Uninstall option OCP console

  5. In the Uninstall Operator? window that appears, select Uninstall:

    Uninstall Operator window

    The Portworx Operator instance is uninstalled.


    The cluster resources, if any, you configured will still be running. You should remove these resources manually.

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