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Version: 1.0

Access PDS

Request access

  1. Create a Portworx account.

  2. Contact sales and request access to PDS.

The sales team will help you complete the sign up process.

Log into PDS and access your dashboard

Once the sales team has signed you up, you can log in and access your dashboard:

  1. Enter your credentials on the login page.

  2. On the Select Account page, select your account name from the dropdown list, followed by Default and Default:

    select account screen

Next steps

Once you have logged in, your first steps will differ based on whether you are a user or an admin.

Get started as an administrator

If you are an administrator, get started by:

  1. Adding a target cluster

  2. Adding other users

Get started as a user

If you are a user, start by deploying a data service.

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