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Version: 2.6

Upgrade Portworx Central from versions 2.x.x to 2.6.0

To upgrade from Portworx Central 2.x.x version to 2.6.0, you can use just the px-central chart.


Ensure Portworx Central version 2.x.x is installed.


To upgrade the Portworx Central version 2.x.x to 2.6.0:

  1. Update your Helm repository:

    helm repo update
  2. Retrieve all custom values you used during the Portworx Central installation. Enter the following helm get values command to generate a YAML file, replacing the <namespace> and <release-name> parameters to match your environment:

    helm get values --namespace <namespace> <release-name> -o yaml > values.yaml
  3. Delete the post install hook job.

    kubectl delete job pxcentral-post-install-hook --namespace <namespace>
  4. Run the helm upgrade command to upgrade Portworx Central, using the -f flag to pass the custom values.yaml file you generated above and replacing <release-name>, <repo-name>, and <namespace> parameters to match your environment.

    helm upgrade <release-name> <repo-name>/px-central --namespace <namespace> -f values.yaml

    If the Portworx Central version is 2.x.x, then you need to set the administrator password in the helm upgrade command:

    helm upgrade <release-name> <repo-name>/px-central --namespace <namespace> --set oidc.centralOIDC.defaultPassword=<current-admin-password> -f values.yaml

Consider you installed or upgraded an earlier Portworx Central version using the values.yaml, which you either:

In this case, you must specify the changes you made in the earlier version values.yaml in the new values.yaml that you use for installing or upgrading to Portworx Central 2.6.0.

For example: In the existing values.yaml, if the persistentStorage.storageClassName parameter is set with the value portworx-sc, then you must the set the same portworx-sc value in the new values.yaml.

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