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Version: 3.1

Resize a Portworx PVC

This document describes how to dynamically resize a volume (PVC) using Kubernetes and Portworx.


  • Resize support for PVC is in Kubernetes 1.11 and above. If you have an older version, use pxctl volume update to update the volume size.
  • The StorageClass must have allowVolumeExpansion: true.
  • The PVC must be in use by a Pod.


To resize a Portworx PVC, you can simply edit the PVC spec and update the size. Let's take an example of resizing a MySQL PVC.

  1. Download the MySQL StorageClass spec and apply it. Note that the StorageClass has allowVolumeExpansion: true.

  2. Download the MySQL PVC spec and apply it. We will start with a 5GB volume.

  3. Download the MySQL Deployment spec and apply it. Wail till the pod becomes 1/1 and then proceed to next step.

  4. Run kubectl edit pvc mssql-data and change the size in the "spec" to 10Gi.

After you save the spec, kubectl describe pvc mssql-data should have an entry like below that confirms the volume resize.

Normal  VolumeResizeSuccessful  5s    volume_expand                ExpandVolume succeeded for volume default/mssql-data
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