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Version: 3.1

Create PVCs using the ReadOnlyMany access mode

This guide provides steps for mounting a disk in the ReadOnlyMany(ROM) access mode. The in-tree Portworx driver for Kubernetes does not support creating PVCs with the ReadOnlyMany(ROM) access mode. To achieve this functionality, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a sharedv4 volume. Note that you can access a sharedv4 volume from multiple pods at the same time. For details about creating a sharedv4 volume, refer to the Create sharedv4 PVCs page.

  2. Add a persistentVolumeClaim subsection to the volumes section of your Pod, specifying the following fields and values:

    • readOnly: with the true value

    • claimName: with the name of the PVC you created in the step above

      apiVersion: v1
      kind: Pod
      name: pvpod
      - name: test-container
      - name: test-vol
      mountPath: /test-portworx-volume
      - name: test-vol
      claimName: pvcsc001
      readOnly: true
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