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Version: 3.1

Step 1: Enable security in Portworx

This document guides you through enabling PX-Security in your cluster by adding a single flag to your StorageCluster object.


  • You must have Portworx Operator 1.4 or greater


The Operator includes first-class support for PX-Security in the StorageCluster spec. This means that the operator will auto-generate the following for you if security is enabled:

  • Shared Secret stored under the secret px-shared-secret
  • Admin token stored under the secret px-admin-token
  • User token stored under the secret px-user-token

Enabling Security in your cluster

  1. Enable security under of your StorageCluster:

    kind: StorageCluster
    name: portworx
    namespace: kube-system
    image: portworx/oci-monitor:
    enabled: true
  2. You can now apply the StorageCluster spec and wait until Portworx is ready.

Once you've enabled security in Portworx, continue to the next section.


To use pxctl in this context, see use pxctl with security enabled. Otherwise, all pxctl commands will fail with an access denied error.

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