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Version: 2.7

Disable Portworx Central components

If you installed the Portworx Central components using Helm, you can use Helm to disable them as well.


Ensure the Portworx Central components are installed.


You can disable the Portworx Backup, license server, and monitoring service components individually or all together using one command.


Before disabling each Portworx Central component or all at once, you must perform the following steps.

  1. Update your Helm reports.

    helm repo update
  2. Retrieve all custom values you used during install. Generate a YAML file, replacing the values of the <namespace> and <release-name> parameters to match your environment.

    helm get values --namespace <namespace> <release-name> -o yaml > values.yaml
  3. Delete the post install hook job.

    kubectl delete job pxcentral-post-install-hook --namespace <namespace>

After performing the above steps, disable each component.

  1. Disable Portworx Backup.

    helm upgrade <release-name> <repo-name>/px-central --namespace <namespace> -f values.yaml --set pxbackup.enabled=false
  2. Disable license server.

    helm upgrade <release-name> <repo-name>/px-central --namespace <namespace> -f values.yaml --set pxlicenseserver.enabled=false
  3. Disable monitoring service.

    helm upgrade <release-name> <repo-name>/px-central --namespace <namespace> -f values.yaml --set pxmonitor.enabled=false
  4. Disable all Portworx Central components at once.

    helm upgrade <release-name> <repo-name>/px-central --namespace <namespace> -f values.yaml --set pxbackup.enabled=false,pxmonitor.enabled=false,pxlicenseserver.enabled=false
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