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Version: 2.7

Monitor clusters using Portworx Central on-premises

From Portworx Central, you can monitor one or more Portworx clusters and view the following information.

  • Health of your nodes, volumes, and drives
  • Used and available capacity
  • Current volumes, drives, pools, and snapshots


Monitor your Portworx cluster

  1. From the PX-Central home page, select the Lighthouse icon:

    Select the Lighthouse icon

  2. Select your cluster, to navigate to the cluster details page.

    Select your cluster

  3. Select a node to view detailed information about your volumes, drives, and pools.

    Select a node

View volume details

You can select a volume to view its details:

Select a volume

In the Volume Info window, select the View Volume Analyzer button to view the sunburst chart for the selected volume.

View volume analyzer

The Volume Analyzer displays folders and files stored in a volume, size of each folder and file, and the modified time for each file. The sunburst graph displays the following color codes to specify the time that you last modified a file or folder:

  • Hot: less than 24 hours
  • Warm: less than one week, but more than 24 hours
  • Cold: more than one week
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