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Portworx BaaS Enterprise plan

The Portworx BaaS Enterprise plan is a consumption-based subscription plan that provides complete solution for enterprise Kubernetes applications. If you are subscribed to the Enterprise plan, then you can create any number of Portworx BaaS services, add your private and cloud application clusters to your BaaS account, and perform all Portworx Backup tasks.

Become an Enterprise user

When you register an account or log in using your social account, you are by default a Freemium user. The Portworx sales team will contact you with the Enterprise plan subscription details, collect your organization details, and create an Enterprise account for your organization.

  • The user who first creates a BaaS service becomes the organization ADMIN.
  • If you have created a Freemium service before, you will need to delete the Freemium service and start creating the Enterprise services. Enterprise users cannot create Freemium services.
  • The usage of all Enterprise services are counted towards billing.
  • Each Enterprise user can associate with only one Enterprise account.

Create Enterprise services

If you are a Portworx BaaS Enterprise user, then in the Choose Your Plan page -> Portworx BaaS Enterprise section, the Continue button appears:

Portworx Enterprise section

  1. Select Continue.

  2. In the New Service window -> Name box, enter a Portworx BaaS service name.

    Portworx Enterprise New Service Window

  3. Select the License Agreement checkbox.

  4. Select Submit.

    The Portworx Services page displays the services you added:

    Portworx Enterprise Portworx Services page


    Only the organization ADMIN can create services in the Portworx BaaS Enterprise plan. For more information about editing user roles, refer to the Edit user role section.

    For more information about the tasks that ADMIN user can perform, refer to the ADMIN role topic.

Onboard other users

As the organization ADMIN , you can invite more users from your organization to access Portworx BaaS as Enterprise users:

  1. The invited user will receive an email to join as an Enterprise user.
  2. On accepting the invitation, the Portworx BaaS team will convert the Freemium user as Enterprise user.

The organization ADMIN can invite Freemium users by sharing their Emails to the Portworx BaaS team. They are then added as Enterprise users to their organization.


To become an Enterprise user, you should not have created any spec gen and saved the config file. Moreover, there should be not be any Freemium service created by the user. If you have created a Freemium service, the you should delete it to become an Enterprise user.

The Enterprise users can access only the BaaS services and clusters they are invited into and cannot create their own Enterprise services and clusters. For more information about how an organization ADMIN can invite Enterprise users to access clusters and services, see Invite users using Portworx Backup SecurityThe organization ADMIN of an Enterprise account can commonly manage all Backup objects, including clusters, backups, schedules, backup location, and cloud accounts.

Deboard exisiting Enterprise users

When an organization ADMIN deboards or removes exsiting Enterprise users from the same Enterprise account:

  • Services created by the deboarded Enetrprise users can be accessed by the the organization ADMIN of the Enterprise account.
  • Any backups, schedules, or cloud accounts created by the deboarded Enterprise user will also be accessible to the organization ADMIN of the Enterprise account. ADMIN can choose to keep these objects or delete them.
  • The deboarded users will have no active BaaS services. They can login to Portworx Central and create a fresh BaaS Freemium service, if required.
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