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Access by registering an account

As a new user, you can create an account in the Portworx BaaS portal login page and sign in using the account credentials.

To register an account:

  1. In the Portworx BaaS login page, select Create account.

  2. In the register page, enter your Email and Organization name, and select the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

  3. Select Get Started.

    The activate account page informs you to check your email for an account verification message from Portworx.

  4. In the verification email that you received, select Start using Portworx.


    The verification email also includes a URL to access the sign in page, if the Start using Portworx button does not work.

  5. In the sign in page that appears, enter a password and confirm it.

  6. Select Sign In.

The Product Catalog page appears. From this page, you can choose a product to access its services.

By default, Portworx BaaS assigns all signed in, new users with the MANAGER role.

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