Portworx version through 1.2 depend on an external key-value datastore (e.g. etcd or consul) for cluster topology. To simplify deployment of Mesosphere/DCOS for these environments, the following converged Marathon application group definition can be used.

Converged Marathon Application Group

To deploy the converged Portworx/etcd application group:

  • Download the DCOS CLI
  • Download the px_etcd.json file
  • Run the command : dcos marathon group add px_etcd.json

The px_etcd.json file assumes that :

  • Portworx will use all disks/partitions that are not currently mounted or in use
  • The same network interfaces will be used for mgmt and data traffic

If customization is needed here, then users should update the args section for the portworx definition to provide more specific command line arguments.