This guide will help you install the Portworx Universe for DCOS which contains the Portworx service as well as other services inlcuding Hadoop, Cassandra, Elastic Search and Kafka which can utilize Portworx Volumes.

This guide is based on the DCOS guide to install a local universe:

Download the pre-requisites

First you will need to download 3 files and transfer them to each of you DCOS Master nodes

Install the services

On each of your Master nodes run the following steps

  • Load the universe container into docker
    docker load < local-universe.tar.gz

    This will take a few minutes.

  • Copy the service files to /etc/systemd/system and start the services
    sudo mv dcos-local-px-universe-registry.service /etc/systemd/system/
    sudo mv dcos-local-px-universe-http.service /etc/systemd/system/
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl enable dcos-local-px-universe-http
    sudo systemctl enable dcos-local-px-universe-registry
    sudo systemctl start dcos-local-px-universe-http     
    sudo systemctl start dcos-local-px-universe-registry
  • Confirm that the services are up
    sudo systemctl status dcos-local-px-universe-http
    sudo systemctl status dcos-local-px-universe-registry

Add the PX Universe to DCOS

Run the dcos command to add the newly deployed universe to your DCOS cluster

dcos package repo add local-universe http://master.mesos:8082/repo --index=0

Add the docker registry as a trusted store on each agent

On each agent node you will need to download the certificate from the newly deployed Docker regitry to set is as trusted. To do this, run the following command on each agent node, including public agents.

sudo mkdir -p /etc/docker/certs.d/master.mesos:5000
sudo curl -o /etc/docker/certs.d/master.mesos:5000/ca.crt http://master.mesos:8082/certs/domain.crt
sudo systemctl restart docker
sudo curl -o /etc/ssl/certs/master.registry.pem http://master.mesos:8082/certs/domain.crt
sudo update-ca-certificates
echo CURL_CA_BUNDLE=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt | sudo tee -a /opt/mesosphere/etc/mesos-slave-common
sudo systemctl restart dcos-mesos-slave.service

Verify local Universe available from DCOS

To verify that the local Unviverse has been configured succsfully, log in to the DCOS UI and look at Universe->Packages to see if the packages are available.

Using docker images from local registry

If you want to use any images from the newly deployed registry, you will need to update the image names when starting the services. For example, to use the Portworx docker images, you would use “master.mesos:5000/portworx/px-enterprise:tag”