Storage Classes

Using Storage Class objects an admin can define the different classes of Portworx volumes that are offered in a cluster. Following are the different parameters that can be used to define a Portworx Storage Class:

- fs: filesystem to be laid out: none|xfs|ext4 (default: `ext4`)
- block_size: block size in Kbytes (default: `32`)
- repl: replication factor [1..3] (default: `1`)
- priority_io: IO Priority: [high|medium|low] (default: `low`)
- snap_interval: snapshot interval in minutes, 0 disables snaps (default: `0`)
- aggregation_level: specifies the number of replication sets the volume can be aggregated from (default: `1`)
- ephemeral: ephemeral storage [true|false] (default `false`)
- parent: a label or name of a volume or snapshot from which this storage class is to be created
- secure: to create an encrypted storage class

Step1: Create Storage Class.

Create the storageclass:

# kubectl create -f \


     kind: StorageClass
       name: portworx-sc
       repl: "1"

Download example

Verifying storage class is created:

# kubectl describe storageclass portworx-sc
     Name: 	        	portworx-sc
     IsDefaultClass:	        No
     Annotations:		<none>
     Parameters:		repl=1
     No events.