1.4.0-rc1 (Preview Release Only - NOT FOR PRODUCTION)

Expected GA date: 05/14

Key Features

  • 3DSnaps - Ability to take application-consistent snapshots cluster wide (Available in 05/14 GA version)
    • Volume Group snapshots - Ability to take crash-consistent snapshots on group of volumes based on a user-defined label
  • GCP/GKE automated disk management based on disk templates
  • Kubernetes per volume secret support to enable volume encryption keys per Kubernetes PVC and using the Kubernetes secrets for key storage
  • DC/OS vault integration - Use Vault integrated with DC/OS
  • Support port mapping used by PX from 9001-9015 to a custom port number range by passing the starting port number in install arguments
  • Provide ability to do a license tranfer from one cluster to another cluster

Key Fixes:

To be updated soon