Operator OpenShift upgrade path

Portworx 2.10.0

This upgrade path was tested with Portworx 2.10.0 and Operator 1.8.0.

NOTE: If you are not on the same OCP version as in the tested upgrade example shown below, please upgrade to the next available version that is used in the upgrade path and continue as shown in the table below.
Channel version OpenShift version Kubernetes version
stable-4.6 4.6.56 v1.19.16+6175753
stable-4.7 4.7.45 v1.20.14+0d60930
stable-4.8 4.8.35 v1.21.8+ee73ea2
force 4.91 4.9.24 v1.22.5+5c84e52
fast-4.10 4.10.6 v1.23.5+b0357ed

  1. The upgrade hop to 4.9 was not publicly available via stable, fast, or candidate channels. --force --allow-explicit-upgrade --allow-upgrade-with-warnings was used to bypass this blocker for testing. [return]

Last edited: Monday, Apr 25, 2022