Lightboard Sessions

The following is a series of easy to digest lectures about Portworx. Videos are produced with a lightboard which offers a unique and clear perspective for users to learn about Portworx.

Why Portworx

This short video will explain the Portworx value proposition along with some of the differentiating features such as data mobility, application awareness and infrastructure independence.


Portworx 101

Learn the basics of Portworx and how it can enable your stateful workloads. This video will discuss the largest fragments of the Portworx platform and how it creates a global namespace to enable virtual volumes for containers.


Understanding Storage Pools

Portworx achieves mobility for applications by dynamically managing pools of storage across a cluster of nodes. In this short video, learn how Portworx clusters infrastructure together into classified storage resource pools for applications.


Deployment Modes (Hyperconverged, Disaggregated)

Portworx deploys it’s full stack of software in a linux container. In this short video you will learn the two main deployment modes in which Portworx can be installed on your infrastructure.


Deploying Portworx On Kubernetes

In this video, learn how Portworx runs on any distribution of Kubernetes and what components are involved.


Understanding Volume Replication

In this video, learn how Portworx provides high availability to your data rich application and how it does this by providing synchronous replication at the volume granular level.


Volume snapshot types

Learn how Portworx provides data protection with snapshots. This short video will talk about the different types of snapshots available from Portworx for stateful applications.


What is RTO and RPO

Understanding Recovery Time Objects (RTO) and Recovery Point Object (RPO) is vital for disaster recovery planning. Check out this short video to get a quick understanding of RTO and RPO and how Portworx solutions can help you.


Portworx Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a critical component of every data management solution. In this short video, learn about the disaster recovery solutions available from the Portworx platform.


What are Shared Volumes

Shared volumes or volume shares allow multiple readers and writers for applications such as Wordpress and content management systems. In this video, get a better understanding of the different between ReadWriteOnce and ReadWriteMany.


Capacity Management (AutoPilot)

Capacity management is a key aspect for application development and in complex microservices environments may mean manually resizing or editing the available disk space which to your application which can be tedious and complex. In this video you will learn about AutoPilot, which is a tool from Portworx that can automatically manage capacity of PVCs based on metrics available from Prometheus without any manual intervention or downtime.


More Lightboard sessions coming soon.

Last edited: Friday, Nov 8, 2019