Add clusters to PX-Central On-prem

Once you’ve installed PX-Central, you’re ready to add the clusters you’ll manage with it.

  1. From the PX-Central home page, select the + Add Cluster button.
  2. Enter the Endpoint and Port number, if it’s different from the default value, then select the Verify Cluster button.
  3. At the expanded prompt:

    1. Confirm the cluster details: Cluster name, UUID, Orchestrator, and version.
    2. Enter your cluster’s KubeConfig; you find this by entering the kubectl config view --flatten --minify command in your cluster.
    3. Select the Verify Cluster button followed by the Submit button to verify and add your cluster.

Once added, PX-Central returns to the landing page which now includes your newly added cluster.

Last edited: Friday, Apr 10, 2020