Install Portworx on Kubernetes via Helm

The Portworx Helm chart deploys Portworx and Stork in your Kubernetes cluster.



To install Portworx via the chart with the release name my-release run the following commands.

First clone the Portworx Helm chart repo.

git clone

Now install the chart and substitute relevant values for your setup.

clusterName should be a unique name identifying your Portworx cluster. The default value is mycluster, but it is suggested to update it with your naming scheme.

For eg:

helm install --debug --name my-release --set etcdEndPoint=etcd:,clusterName=$(uuidgen) ./helm/charts/portworx/

Refer to all the configuration options while deploying Portworx via the Helm chart: Configurable Options


Below are the steps to wipe your entire Portworx installation.

  1. Run cluster-scoped wipe command below. This has to be run from the client machine which has kubectl access.

    curl -fsL "" | bash
  2. Delete the helm release

    helm delete <release name> --purge


Once you have a running Portworx installation, below sections are useful.

Troubleshooting helm installation failures

Refer to the common troubleshooting instructions for Portworx deployments via Helm Troubleshooting portworx installation

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