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User role privileges

A PDS user can be assigned with any one of the following roles:

  • User

  • Admin

Both User and Admin has access to do different types of operations within PDS.

As a User, you can:

  • Create new deployments on an existing target cluster with an existing template

  • Manage or edit deployments

  • View all the deployments in the account where the user is added along with the deployment metrics

  • Delete deployments

In addition to all privileges of a User, an Admin also includes access to options in Settings to:

  • Manage deployment targets

  • Manage storage options for deployments

  • View the list of available data services along with their versions

  • Manage resource setting templates per data service

  • Manage application configuration templates per data service

  • Manage users for the account

  • Manage backups settings like targets, credentials and policies

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